Why GreenPawUp?

See what GPU is all about by watching our video below:

  • We work with your veterinarian to keep your veterinary records up to date and readily accessible online 24/7 with our patent-pending verification process.
  • Our Lost My Pet feature assists in reuniting missing pets with their owners.
  • A quick business directory search can put you in touch with numerous, local pet product and services.
  • Once your pet is GPU certified, you will have access to exclusive discounts and coupons.
  • We eliminate the administrative burden of tracking all GPU member pets' vaccination compliance by utilizing our online verification process.
  • Our services will reduce your exposure by monitoring all GPU member pets for Rabies vaccination compliance (Required in all 50 states).
  • GreenPawUp manages pet records and related, resident notifications for you.
  • Offer a unique benefit that differentiates your properties from all others.
  • Your property can be marketed as priority status in our large directory search listings.
  • Your property will be truly “pet friendly”.
  • Properties in your neighborhood will be requiring their residents to be GPU members to help ensure pet vaccination compliance. This means many will be actively seeking veterinary care.
  • Become a GPU partner and grow your business.
  • GPU veterinary members receive a GPU door decal, an opportunity to upgrade their listing, and become priority on our search module.
  • A recent study suggests that 95% of Americans consider benefits and perks before deciding whether or not to take a new job or leave their current one.
  • Offer your employees a unique and valuable employee benefit; a GreenPawUp membership.
  • Employers want to stay competitive, especially those in high-demand fields with limited pools of talented employees. One way that do that is by offering specialty benefits.
  • Innovative organizations are looking beyond traditional company benefits to recruit workers who don’t have kids yet and are passionate pet parents.

About Us

GreenPawUp serves the community by working with pet owners, veterinarians, and property managers to promote companion animal health. 

Developed by a veterinarian, GPU's mission is to raise awareness and provide a solution to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your pet.